Friday, 16 September 2016

New Video/ Under Magnolia + Upcoming Tokyo Shows

I wrote this song after learning about Shin Dong-hyuk, the only person known to have escaped from a North Korean high security concentration camp. Born inside a prison camp, Shin never knew freedom. He was pressured into betraying his family while still a child. Like the other prisoners, Shin was stripped of identity and culture and faced starvation on a daily basis. But by reading books and novels that were smuggle into the camp, he began to formulate a picture of what life was like on the outside world. The more he read the more restless he became until he and a friend decided to attempt an escape. His friend died during the escape but Shin managed to survive. He stole an army uniform and made it first to China and then onto South Korea.
The national tree of the North Korean workers party is the Magnolia. This is 'Under Magnolia'.
Featuring the beautiful voice of Cerian. Video filmed by The Attic Group, sound by Awesome Source Music!

I've got some interesting shows coming up this month at some funky and fantastic places. You can catch me at:
Saturday 17th pub republic Otsuka.
Wednesday 21st Rosso 198 Shinjuku
Friday 23rd Music Bar rpm Shimokitazawa 
Sunday 25th Crawfish Akasaka.

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  1. Are you doing any more shows in Japan other than Tokyo? I want to attend one of your shows but won't be able to make it for Tokyo