Wednesday, 21 November 2012

new song/work in progress 'most significant'

Dead between the pages of 12 to 9,
Sleeping opposite ends is never a good sign.
Stressed coz the rooms a mess, stressed coz I need a rest.
Stressed coz my heads a mess, near enough, more or less.

Oh, I’m such a nice bloke, I never drink never smoke.
And I’m up in the morning, who there said that I’m boring?

Oh I love I love I love the world when the centre is me.
Life is a comedy, badly cast as it should be.
Can I get a pims and a lemonade?
What! What! What! Did you say?
That's a whole lotta money for no strawberry.

Oh I’m such a nice guy, in a shirt and a tie.
Sucking on a caramel flap-a-chino, staring through the window.

Nematode worm, squirming where the smell is strong.
On the run, time to turn the sirens on.
Habit let me be, does its best to strangle me.
I’m a cheap, cheap date, all you need to do is smother me.

Oh I’m such a nice man, look at all the things that are mine.
Well that's all right, find your crumbs in the tungsten light.

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