Saturday, 14 July 2018

New EP "Cold In The Heat"

featuring Cerian: Vocals and harp.
Robyn Hemming: Double bass
Andrea D'Ostuni: Drums

Listen now on Spotify
Download: bandcamp 

Cold In The Heat contains 6 brand new songs and features several collaborations. This record marks a significant shift in the style of Robert's music with a greater focus on instrumentation and more complex arrangements. 

Press: Single review by Jammerzine - Out At Sea

Robert Taira Wilson has always had a special place here at Jammerzine. Ever since we first got a hold of his previous album, ‘Nail And Hammer‘, he’s always fulfilled what ever avid music listener craves and that is heart and soul. He even made it on our ‘25 Best Indie Albums of 2015‘ list for the said album.
And now he’s back with his latest album titled “Cold In The Heat’, which was released on August 18th. The lead single, ‘Out At Sea’, is a complex yet introspective look at life through a soulful crooner with the musical mind of a genius. This track is art in audio form and compliments the other songs on ‘Cold In The Heat’ as much as the other songs compliment ‘Out At Sea’. The album as a whole serves as a companion to the yearning heart and heartfelt mind as both a fellow traveler and a guide.
Play ‘Cold In The Heat’ from start to finish, as it was meant to be listened to (not heard), and join Robert on this brilliant journey.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Aoyama Moon Romantic 東京都港区南青山 + The Acoustic Guitar Project 2016 - Tokyo

Aoyama Moon Romantic 東京都港区南青山

16th November 2016

さいとうりょうじ ) HP
汽葉ケイスケ ) HP
Robert Taira Wilson ) HP
Open 18:30 Start 19:00 ・ 前売 2,300 当日 2,800 +1D 500

The Acoustic Guitar Project in Tokyo 2016!!!
& this years guitar!!

I'm really happy to announce that the Acoustic Guitar Project (AGP) has come to Tokyo for the first time!!
The AGP is a songwriting challenge that started in New York in 2012. It has now spread to 46 cities across the world.
How it works!
Each participating city has its own guitar. Every season, five local musicians are chosen to write an original song on their city's guitar.
Each musician has one week to write their original song and record it live. Musicians can only use the guitar and handheld recorder provided. No editing is allowed.
When a musician finishes their song, they sign the guitar and take picture with it. Musicians also shoot a video talking about their song. When all five musicians have finished their songs, there is a concert.
I'm curating this years project and I've found five fantastic and very different Japanese musicians to participate. This is this years guitar, a sweet fender ga45sce, which I bought at a pinch of what it's worth new. I can't wait to hear what Tokyo creates!
Stay tuned for more information on the artists and their songs. Also check out the AGP website for all the artists and cities participating across the world.

Friday, 16 September 2016

New Video/ Under Magnolia + Upcoming Tokyo Shows

I wrote this song after learning about Shin Dong-hyuk, the only person known to have escaped from a North Korean high security concentration camp. Born inside a prison camp, Shin never knew freedom. He was pressured into betraying his family while still a child. Like the other prisoners, Shin was stripped of identity and culture and faced starvation on a daily basis. But by reading books and novels that were smuggle into the camp, he began to formulate a picture of what life was like on the outside world. The more he read the more restless he became until he and a friend decided to attempt an escape. His friend died during the escape but Shin managed to survive. He stole an army uniform and made it first to China and then onto South Korea.
The national tree of the North Korean workers party is the Magnolia. This is 'Under Magnolia'.
Featuring the beautiful voice of Cerian. Video filmed by The Attic Group, sound by Awesome Source Music!

I've got some interesting shows coming up this month at some funky and fantastic places. You can catch me at:
Saturday 17th pub republic Otsuka.
Wednesday 21st Rosso 198 Shinjuku
Friday 23rd Music Bar rpm Shimokitazawa 
Sunday 25th Crawfish Akasaka.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Acoustic Village Festival at Saitama Arena 3rd September / Gamin François's 4 page comic

Robert Taira Wilson live at the Acoustic Village festival at the Saitama Arena on the 3rd September 2016. Stage time will be 1:50pm.

Gamin François's 4 page comic.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

It's Here!! New Music Video - Mean What You Don't - Robert Taira Wilson featuring Cerian

I'm really happy to present this new 'Live in the Attic' music video featuring the singer-songwriter Cerian, and myself. I truly think 'Live in the Attic' have done a great job capturing our live performance. Simple, honest and sincere!! I really hope you enjoy 'Mean What You Don't'!!

Taken from the album Nail and Hammer

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New Video - 'Wasteland' - Cerian ft. Robert Taira Wilson

London based singer-songwriter, Cerian, and I have collaborated on each others upcoming CDs. We filmed four songs together earlier in the year with the lads from 'Live in The Attic youtube sessions'. This is the first of the four to be published. The next video will be released on Thursday, this week. Until then I hope you enjoy 'Wasteland'. 

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