Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Acoustic Guitar Project UK 1week-1song

It's the third week of the acoustic guitar project and I've just got home with the guitar to take my turn. 
Each week a musician gets possession of this guitar and within that week they have to write a song, record it, sign the guitar and then pass it onto the next musician. You will be able to listen to all the songs at the end of the project. So far Kai Carter from the amazing Debt Collective band and the fantastic Dear Pariah has graced its strings. I feel creatively spent with no ideas but that's just how I wake up every morning. Excited about this.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New live video with StreetStarz TV

You can check out the new video that I filmed with Street Starz TV last month. 'Wide Inside'.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Official music video for 'She's Coming'. 私の新しいの音楽のヴィデオをreleaseした。

This is my new official music video for my track 'she's coming'. This is a hand-drawn animation I made using nothing but pens, pencils and paper and photographed with my iPad. It took about 5 weeks to finish and contains almost 1500 drawings. Hope you enjoy it.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

You can now watch my new music video 'She's Coming'

Check out my new music video premiered and reviewed on music blog.

'She' Coming'

"She’s Coming is the latest single to be taken from that debut album and what a brilliant track it is too. Trying to fit in into a ‘genre box’ is nigh on impossible so I won’t bother. The vocal is beautifully organic and smooth while the piano melody along with the rolling drum rhythms keep the track dancing and skipping along in great fleet-footed style" 
James Holder, The Musical Outcast blog

Monday, 19 October 2015

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Album reviewed!! On jammerzine music blog

I'm really happy to get my second album review out and the 1st review written in English. I've been sending out tons of emails over the past couple of weeks begging for features or reviews. It's been really hard to catch a break. Thank you Duncan Walsh from the band The Watanabes for some great blog suggestions including this one. You can check out the entire feature here:…/

“Nail And Hammer” is a life soundtrack to an adventure yet lived. The legacies of Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, and Dave Matthews are alive and well and will be continued in the assured hands of Robert Taira Wilson." 

This was my first review done by a Japanese music blog:

"イギリス出身で日本でも活動するアーティスト、Robert Taira Wilsonが二枚組のアルバム『Nail and Hammer』をリリースした。Disc1はバンド編成、Disc2はソロの作品となっている。

Robert Taira Wilsonの音楽は、今どき珍しいほどに真っ直ぐな音楽であるように思う。音の粒が聴き手の鼓膜や皮膚なんかを容易に、すんなりと透過して、心の内側にしみいるのだ。なんと表現すれば良いのだろう、彼の音楽は聴く者に寄り添ってくれる気がする。また、シンプルなアコースティックの編成ではあるが、その楽曲の展開はけして単純なものばかりではない。基本的には「優しい」音楽でありながら、一筋縄ではいかない、様々な表情を持つところが面白い。
2ndシングルにもなった「Forget Me Not」は、3分に満たない短い曲の中に物語がしっかりと息づいている。まるで一本の映画を観ているようだ。個人的に一番のお気に入り。 "

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New Video 'Bridge Over Man Made' and upcoming show at the troubadour 4th october

This is the last video I have to publish from the Bruges sessions I filmed in July. Special Thanks to Yannick Cremer who did the camera work and Steffi Pax who helped out massively with the audio. I really hope you enjoy this one. The sun was in my eyes and we had the constant threat of a car zooming around the corner at anytime but I think it turned out alright in the end. This is a track from my album 'Nail And Hammer'. You can listen to the whole CD here:

I've got an exciting show coming up on the 4th October. The London Guitar Night, Sunday 4th October at 7pm with Amrit Sond guest host, Chris Woods Groove, Adam Isaac, Robert Taira Wilson.
£5.50 advance ticket £7 on the door